Martyn Thomas

ollie into bank drop martin thomas london skateboarding flicknife clothing for skateboarding

Riverside ollie into bank-drop.


Full Name: Martyn Edward Thomas (do you really want the middle bit haha)

Stance: Regular

Board: 7.6 – 7.7 (I get stick for it but I skate just as hard as wide board riders.)

T-shirt Size: Medium or Large, depends if its a date or time to look YO!

Favourite Trick: anything fast, I love nose grabs but you really cant beat the feel of a grind when tanking it.

Favourite Place to Skate: Stockwell skatepark or a new city where nobody I’m with has a spot list or any clue where we are going, adventures are cool. fact.

Best Thing about Skateboarding: no rules, no need to rely on people, sometimes feels like you were in a fight but you don’t need the other guy, sometimes you can find a chick that digs it, I dunno, the best thing about skateboarding is actually just going skateboarding.

Worst Thing about Skateboarding: injury, that means I cant skate, that sucks super hard.

Advice: let other people drive you to do more but dont skate outside of your confidence zone cos you will pay for it in blood… blood is cool but being unable to ride for 6 months will kill your spirit.


Martyn Thomas Door Ollie London skateboarding flicknife clothing copyright scott madill

Ollie over a banked boorway in South London.


flicknife clothing martyn thomas barcelona tailslide nosegrab phot: dnny parker

Grabbing his nose in Barcelona. Photo: Danny Parker

Mrtyn thomas flicknife clothing barcelona skateboarding

Martyn Goes for the gap in Barcelona – October 2012

Flicknife Clothing Martyn Thomas Frontside boardslide barcelona Photo Danny Parker

Fronstside Boardslide in one of the best cities in the world, BCN. Photo: Danny Parker

Flicknife clothing Martyn Thomas Amsterdam wallride cruising

Martyn Wallride Cruising in Amsterdamn Photo: Emma ‘Hutch’ Hutchison

Flicknife clothing Martyn Thomas backside gap ollie barcelona photo Danny Parker

Gap Ollie – Barcelona. Photo Danny Parker

Martyn Thomas - Nise Grab at Stockwell - © Tim Mogridge Flicknife Clothing

Photo: Tim Mogridge