James Hall

james hall flicknife clothing skateboarding © scott madill 2016 backside smith stockwell skatepark brixton london skateboarder

Backside Smith on a whipy quarter at Stockwell


Name: James Nicholas Hall, Horse

Stance: Goofy

Board: Lovenskate 8.8” Pool shape, 149s, 58mm wheels, rails

T-shirt Size: Medium

Favourite Trick: Crail slides & collect calls (can’t decide)

Favourite Place to Skate: Stockwell

Best Thing about Skateboarding:  Going for a skate

Worst Thing about Skateboarding: Heel/ palm bruises and flatspots

Advice: Stay rad! Build things! & have fun!



James Hall Casper stall london street skating flicknife clothing for skateboarding

James takes time out on a natural quarter, to stall a Casper.



James Hall Flicknife Clothing for Skateboarding stockwell skatepark london photo Rich West

James styling out out a Reaper over the snow-capped platform at Stockwell. Ph. Rich West



James Hall Blunst slide fakie at stockwell skatepark flicknife clothing for skateboarding copyright 2012 scott madill

Blunt-slide fakie at the best skatepark in the world.

James Hall Flicknife Clothing for skateboarding wallride secret DIY spot

James floats into a wall-ride at a secret DIY spot he helped build.

James horse zine hall cril slaide kennington ©scottmadill flicknife clothing

James Crail Sliding round the corner at Kennington