When you start skateboarding, no-one tells you that a time will come when you will look at the important people in your life – not including your family – and almost all of them are there because of skateboarding.  It’s how you met, the common bond that sparked the friendship and the driving force that put you all in the right place at the right time.

There will be times when skating gets hard. You may even think about giving up…but it won’t work – skateboarding will not let you go.  When you should be doing other important things, they get pushed aside because you’re thinking about skateboarding.  That’s how and why Flicknife was born.

Flick-knives have been a source of great fascination to generations. Their design, their engineering, their style… and yet they are universally misunderstood: just like skateboarding. People can look in on skating but they never really know what they’re looking at, there’s always something that remains hidden until you actually do it…  you can’t get it, until you get it.

Flicknife – if you get it, you get it.