Joe Coward

joe coward nose-slide bright street skating flicknife clothing for skateboarding

Joe locks into a hi-speed nose-slide on a Brighton ledge spot.


Name: Joe Coward

Stance: Regular

Board: Polar 8.5, Indy 149’s, 54mm wheels

T-shirt Size: Large

Favourite Trick: Fs smith grind

Favourite Place to Skate: Stockwell

Best Thing about Skateboarding: Mates, finding new stuff, learning shit, bombing hills

Worst Thing about Skateboarding: Hospital trips

Advice: Enjoy the ride and watch Tincan Folklore more often


joe coward flicknife clothing london skateboarding hobo's palace diy skateboarding

Low light, rough as all hell spot but Joe was the only one to grab himself a pillar-grind to fakie before Hobo’s Palace became a memory. Photo: Johners


Joe Coward flicknife clothing for skateboarding stockwell skatepark photo copyright scott madill 2013

Noseblunt Slide at Stockwell