adam johners johns hobo's palace diy skateboarding london flicknife clothing for skateboarding

Johners having a cruise at the sorely missed “Hobo’s Palace” D.I.Y. spot.


Full Name:  Adam Stephen Johns.
Stance: Regular
Board: 8.2.5″ to 8.5″
T-shirt Size: Small, Medium or Large depending on my mood and the size of my slacks.
Favourite Trick: Frontside grind’s, frontside ollie’s…. and going fast makes it all the more fun.
Favourite Place to Skate: Anywhere the wind takes me, it’s all about the crew, the environment and the things you create for you and your friends.
Best Thing about Skateboarding: like Jovontae  said: “The Girls”
Worst Thing about Skateboarding: My favourite skate shoes are too cool for school
Advice: Just enjoy yourself, and push yourself, slams are one step closer to a make, and then you’ve earned your beer.

adam johners johns flicknife clothing for skateboarding ddiy skatespot fox spot photo copyright 2011 scott madill

Johners having some fun in the sun at the fox spot.


adam johners johns flicknife clothing for skateboarding london dog

adam johners johns pushing south lonon skateboarding flicknife clothinf photo jamie harrison

Johners pushing with intent, deep in South London – Ph. J. Harrison

Adam Johns frontside big-spin kennington skatepark flicknife clothing Ph. Jamie Harrison

Johners with a Frontside Big-Spin at Kennington – Ph. J. Harrison